Ferguson Shop Manual- TE20, T020 & T030

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Ferguson Shop Manual- TE20, T020 & T030

#48FDSM $18.95

Ferguson Shop Manual- TE20, T020 & T030

TE-20 1946 - 1956
TO-20 1948 - 1951
TO-30 1951 - 1954

Ferguson shop and service manual for Ferguson tractor models: TE20, TO20, and TO30. This manual is an exact reproduction of the original. Contains 187 page dealer shop manual with detailed illustrations, exploded views, and photos. This is the same exact manaul Ferguson mechanics used in the dealerships for repairs and maintenance.

Excerpt from foreword:

    This manual has been prepared by the Service Department of Harry Ferguson, Inc. in order to provide a complete and accurate reference for all shop operations of Ferguson tractors. It contains information pertaining to disassembly, servicing, reassembly and repair of both major and minor components. It is felt that the material is covered completely and by referring to this manual, any competent mechanic should be able to perform the various operations described.
    The material contained in this manual is devoted entirely to the servicing of the TE-20, TO-20 and TO-30 Ferguson tractors.
     The Dealer Shop Manual is divided in five major groups: Engine and Clutch, Engine Systems, Power Train and Brakes, Ferguson System and Front Axle and Steering. This grouping has been made to integrate related subjects in accordance with the usual servicing procedures so as to present the material in a logical and easily understood manner.
    A thorough and complete presentation of all procedures is given for the section included in each major grouping. The components or component assemblies are discussed in detail in regards to various servicing phases. All illustrations are referenced in the subject matter. At the end of each section, space is provided for referencing Service Bulletins.

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