1942-48 Mercury Shop Manual

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1942-48 Ford and Mercury Car and Truck Shop Manual

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1942-48 Mercury Shop Manual

#42FSM2 $22.95

1942-48 Ford and Mercury Car and Truck Shop Manual

Manual is a high-quality reproduction of the Shop Manual supplied exclusively to Ford/Mercury dealers to repair cars and trucks. Best used with #41-FSEB Service manual.

Manual contains step-by-step illustrated instructions for mechanical repairs. Information on engines, electrical systems, wiring diagrams, brakes, steering, carburetion, fuel system, clutch, transmission, cooling system, radio installation, axles, frame, springs, wheels and more.

Also includes lubrication charts and detailed specifications. Works for 1942-1948 cars and trucks. The book measures at 8 ½" by 11" and is heavily illustrated, with photos and drawings. Vital information for the enthusiast who is rebuilding or restoring a classic vehicle.

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