1955 Fordomatic Automatic Transmission Manual

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1955 Fordomatic Automatic Transmission Manual

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1955 Fordomatic Automatic Transmission Manual

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1955 Fordomatic Automatic Transmission Manual

    This manual contains complete service information for all Fordomatic transmissions used in the 1955 Ford Cars, Thunderbird, and Trucks. All the procedures and specifications needed to check, adjust, replace, or repair the various parts and assemblies of each transmission and torque converter are included.
     In many cases, the service procedures are accompanied by illustrations showing the parts and the operations being performed. Wherever special tools are needed to service, illustrations show the use of the tools. Disassembled views of some of the transmission assemblies are also shown to aid in identifying the various parts and their relative position in the assemblies.
      The descriptions and specifications contained in this manual were in effect at the time the book was approved for printing.

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