The Official Guide To Cooling Systems

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The Official Guide To Cooling Systems

#RR100 $15.00
The Official Guide To Cooling Systems

From the Publisher
This book is written to explain in plain "common sense" English, the basic rules that apply to all types of vehicle cooling systems. Once you understand the rules, troubleshooting and fixing your cooling system problem becomes much easier. The "basics" you will learn from this book can also help you design your own cooling system. Regardless of the type of cooling system you have, there are some basic rules that apply. Once you know and understand these rules, it will make understanding and solving your cooling system problems much easier.
If you are a Flathead Ford or Mercury owner this book will especially be a big help to you. You will learn the real reason why your Flathead overheats and more important how to fix it.
8.5 x 11 Illustrated. 30 pages Lots of usable information, very to the point with no fluff.

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