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Classic Car Electrics

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Classic Car Electrics: Tips, techniques & step-by-step repair, restoration & maintenance procedures

Author: Martin Thaddeus
This book provides clear and complete information to the classic enthusiast who wishes to service, repair or upgrade the electrical system of any classic motor vehicle. The comprehensive chapters take the reader through the most basic electrical and magnetism theory, providing the foundations for building an in-depth understanding of how and why things work, or not. This is a how to book but also a why? book. Readers are not just told what to do--they are given an understanding of the problem. Chapters take the reader through the most basic electrical theory and on to a detailed understanding of a car's various systems and components. The key to successfully running an older car is correct maintenance of the electrical system. With a reasonable tool kit, a little common sense and this book, you should be able to tackle pretty much anything.

Format: Softbound
Pages: 64

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