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This great collection of TV commercials and Ford promotional films kicks off with rare footage of Hollywood star Randolph Scott, and crooner Bing Cosby introducing the classy lines and features of the sporty new Ford T-Birds. Other Ford promo films show Henry Ford II and the introduction of the first '55 and details like how the removable top works. More TV promotions follow.

The action moves in full color to the beach and the 1956 Daytona Speed Trials where racing champion Chuck Daigh sets a new record in his stripped down 'Bird. This is followed by great footage of the new '57s being introduced and setting flying mile records at Daytona.

The so-called '58 "squarebird" was first introduced to the public by TV host Dick Powell. You are there as the whole series of '58-60 T-Bird ads are played out to show the glamour, details, and roominess of America's first family sports cars. Promotions of the sleek new bullet-shaped 1961-63, and handsome 1964-66 T-Bird series continue the family sports car theme at the country club. Lots of good Roadster footage, and convertible tops folding neatly into rear decks!

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