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 Numbers, History and Documentation

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 #NAC2  $29.00

  • Noland Adams Restoration Video Series.
  • Description:
  • "Numbers, History and Documentation", takes the viewer through the various steps of examination and discovery. From the paper work to the hidden numbers, dates, stencils and hand written notes. If you like discovery and mystery, you'll love "Numbers, History and Documentation".
  • And disassembly!! You will witness the disassembly of a Corvette and follow the "Assembly Instruction Manual" (AIM), to show the proper technique of disassembly.
    We show you how to record and document those items you discover.
  • Noland Adams is recognized as the world's foremost historian and author in the field of Corvette Restoration. You have probably used his books - Now see the books in action.
  • 60 Min.
  • VHS

Greg's Automotive   PO Box 1712   Santa Ynez, Calif.  93460

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