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1966, 1967 Ford Shop Tips - Volume 5

#CD10055 $21.95

1966, 1967 Ford Shop Tips - Volume 5 (CD-ROM)
Pages: 205
Format: CD-ROM
Requirements: Windows (all versions), CD-ROM drive, and Adobe Reader
Activation: Activation required. Product may be activated on three (3) computers
Operating System: PC Windows only (not MAC compatible)

Models covered: All car and truck. This is a complete collection of Volume 5 of the Ford "Shop Tips" magazine; from issue Volume 5, Number 1 (September 1966) through Volume 5, Number 12 (August 1967) for a total of 11 issues. See below for Examples of articles available in a typical Shop Tips CD.

What are “Shop Tips”? The Shop Tips magazine was a Ford technical service publication provided to servicemen in service stations and independent garages to help mechanics with the servicing of Ford vehicles. The technical information contained in the magazines not only kept mechanics abreast of new developments and factory-recommended procedures, but also provided troubleshooting techniques not found elsewhere.

Shortcuts, tips, or tricks...whatever you like to call them, provide invaluable information to mechanics to make repairs fast and easy. Articles are written in plain, straight-to-the-point fashion and provide simple solutions to common problems. Most of this information cannot be found anywhere else because it was developed after the publication of the shop and parts manuals.

Examples of Articles:
- Tachometer Malfunction
- Starter Solenoid Damage During Tune-Up
- Hard Operating Key Cylinders
- New Fuel System Service Procedures
- Two-Speed Wiper Motor Jammed in Park
- Technical Service Briefs
- Air Conditioner Diagnosis and Servicing
- Troubleshooting Linkage-Type Power Steering Systems
- Servicing Alternator Circuit Boards

Key features:
Adobe Reader (PDF) - the best reader on the market
Keyword Searchable search by word or phrase
Bookmarked click to navigate to any article
Produced in Adobe Reader (pdf) format to retain the look and feel of the original printed magazine.
Zoom-In enlarge any page to see every detail
High Resolution crisp, clean scans of the original

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