1953-1975 Corvette Chassis and Body Parts CD

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1953-1975 Corvette Chassis and Body Parts CD

1953-1975 Corvette Chassis and Body Parts CD

Format: CD only

This CD has scans of parts books with original part numbers and illustrations for Chevrolet Corvettes. These books would have been used by the Chevrolet dealer to identify and order parts for the engine, clutch, oil system, cooling system, electrical, caburetor, fuel pump, transmission, brakes, axles, universal joints, steering, shock absorbers, springs, bumpers, sheet metal, and body parts. You'll find exploded view illustrations, group & part numbers, and each part's applicable year. There are even numerical lists of the numbers, so that if you already have a part, you can identify which vehicle the part fits. You can also identify if the parts you are buying are original and complete; if you're missing parts, you can use the CD to see what you should have. If the same part number is used for more than one year, you can also find out interchange between the different years and models covered in the CD.

Important Note: Works with either PC or MAC. Adobe Reader 7.0 or higher is required. Adobe Reader may be obtained free here.

#53CSMC $30.00

This manual covers the following models:
· 1953-1975 Corvettes
This is not the same as a "Shop Manual". 1953-1975 Corvette Chassis and Body Parts CD contains virtually every part number specific to your Corvette by yearl.  If you are considering any restoration project, large or small, this catalog is a must have and a great addition to a shop manual and/or assembly manual.

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