1972 Colorized Mustang Wiring & Vacuum Diagrams

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1972 Mustang Colorized Wiring & Vacuum Manual

Title: 1972 Colorized Mustang Wiring & Vacuum Diagrams
Pages: 110
Format: CD-ROM
Requirements: Windows (all versions), internet access, and Adobe Reader
Operating System: PC Windows (not MAC)

Description: The 1972 Colorized Mustang Wiring and Vacuum Diagrams CD-ROM is a complete and comprehensive collection of wiring diagrams, schematics, and electrical illustrations. Compiled from multiple Ford Motor Company publications, this CD-ROM contains information from: 1965/1972 Ford Car Master Parts and Accessory Catalog (Form FP-7635B, May 1975), and the 1970 Wiring Diagrams (Form FD-7795P-67) and How to Read Wiring Diagrams (FD-7943-G). It is like getting three books in one! And, to make tracing wires easier, each wiring diagrams and/or schematics has been painstakingly colorized!

Each diagram and illustration is from an original Ford Motor Company publication and are the same manuals used by Ford technicians to troubleshoot electrical repairs. Developed in an easy to use format, this manual is designed for the novice and the expert. In addition, this CD-ROM contains one of the original Ford training manuals, “How to Read Wiring Diagrams”, to help those unfamiliar with how to read diagrams from the 1960’s.

Extra Bonus! This CD-ROM also contains a 30-minute video and manual from Ford’s own technical training manual of How to Read Wiring Diagrams. For those unfamiliar with how to read diagrams from the 1960’s or 70’s, this additional information is invaluable.

This CD-ROM is produced in Adobe Reader (pdf) format to retain the look and feel of a printed manual. In addition, unlike a printed version, each page can be printed (or reprinted, if damaged in the garage) and zoom in to over 1200% to see the exact details.

Product Features:

  • Colorized wiring diagrams – wiring diagrams are in color for ease of use
  • 30-Minute Ford Training Video - "How to Read Wiring Diagrams" and manual included
  • Complete Collection – 79 total pages extracted from multiple Ford publications
  • Adobe Reader (PDF)- Recognized as the best “reader” on the market
  • Printable Pages – print the pages you want
  • Zoom - Zoom in to over 1200% to see the exact details
  • Bookmarked - CD is bookmarked to locate sections in seconds

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