1965 Mustang Shop Manual.

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1965 Mustang Shop Manual

Title: 1965 Comet, Falcon, Fairlane, Mustang Shop Manual
Pages: 690
Format: CD-ROM
Requirements: Windows 98 or higher, CD-ROM drive, and Adobe Reader
Operating System: PC Windows (not MAC)

Description: The 1965 Mustang, Fairlane, Falcon, Comet Shop Manual is the original manual used by Ford dealership mechanics at to guide them through diagnostics, repairs, and maintenance. Each section provides information on the operation of major systems, diagnostics, troubleshooting, overhaul, as well as the removal and installation of major components. Written in an easy to understand format, this manual contains step-by-step instructions designed for the novice and the expert. In addition, this manual is filled with illustrations, photographs, and diagrams that help in the identification of parts and proper assembly.

Sections in this manual:

1. General Information 12. Exhaust System
2. Brakes 13. Charging System
3. Suspension, Steering, Wheels and Tires 14. Starting System
4. Rear Axle 15. Lighting System, Horns, and Instruments
5. Drive shaft and clutch 16. Ventilating, Heating, and Accessories
6. Manual Shift Transmission 17. Body, Doors and Windows
7. Automatic Transmission 18. Trim, Seats and Convertible Top
8. Engine 19. Maintenance Schedule
9. Ignition System 20. Maintenance Operations
10. Fuel System 21. Lubrication Charts and Specifications
11. Cooling System 22. Index

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