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1978 Buick Passenger Car Shop and Body Repair Manual
#78-BSMC $28.95

Shop Manuals explain the operation, overhaul, removal and installation of all mechanical systems, including electrical, trim, glass etc. Easy to understand language, full size and exactly like the original in every way. Manual is heavily illustrated, with photos and drawings.

The GM Fisher Body Service and Construction Manuals are very helpful when doing a total rebuild. It shows upholstery styles, trim, trunk area and body alignment, dash, door assemblies, locks, exterior moldings, seats, glass, headlining, roof cover, electrical, adjustment and installation procedures.

This CD-Rom service, body manual is officially licensed and contains hundreds of pages of original service and repair information vital to the restoration or repair of your Buick car.

Chapters Include: Introduction and Specifications, Accessories, Front Suspension, Rear Axle, Brakes, Clutch, Cooling, Electrical, Engine, Exhaust System, Fuel System, Drive Shaft and U-Joints, Springs and Shock, Steering Manual and Power, Transmission Standard and Auto, Wheels, Bearings and Tires, Body and Frame, Air Conditioning.

Important Note: Works with either PC or MAC. Adobe Reader 7.0 or higher is required. Adobe Reader may be obtained free here.

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