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Shop Manuals
Automotive shop manuals for classic chevys.Shop Manuals explain the operation, overhaul, removal and installation of all mechanical systems, including electrical, trim, glass etc. Easy to understand language, full size and exactly like the original in every way. For Chevrolet, Pontiac, GMC, Ford, Mercury, Chrysler, Plymouth, Oldsmobile, Dodge, Cadillac and Rambler cars and trucks starting in 1916. These are authorized reprints of the original GM, Ford and Mopar manual. View Video

Ford Products
ford booksLicensed reproductions of original Ford books and manuals including Shop Manuals and CDs, Master Parts CDs, Ford Shop Tips Magazines, Owners Manuals, Sales Brochures and many independent titles. We also have Ford apparel, Chrome License Frames, Keychains and more. See the links at left for all Ford Products.

T-Shirts and Hats
Muscle and Classic Car and Truck Shirts and HatsOfficially licensed apparel for the owners of GM, Chevrolet, Ford, Plymouth and Dodge cars and trucks. Shirts and caps silkscreened in full color or embroidered in multi color. Logos available are: Camaro, Chevelle, Corvette, Nova, Bowtie, Trucks, Pontiac, GTO, Ford, Mustang, Racing, GMC, Dodge, Plymouth, Mopar, Hemi, Buick and more. Check out the styles today and add some cool apparel to your wardrobe.

Assembly Manuals
Automotive assembly manuals for classic chevys.These books are reprints of the manuals used on the assembly line at General Motors and are a great help when restoring your vehicle. Each manual contains detailed assembly drawings, original part numbers and more. For Chevrolet cars and trucks beginning in 1947.

G.M. Fisher Body and Construction
GM Fisher Body and Construction ManualsThe GM Fisher Body Service and Construction Manuals are very helpful when doing a total rebuild. It shows body wood, upholstery styles, trim, trunk area and body assembly. Door assemblies, exterior moldings, seats, glass, adjustment and installation procedures.

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